Xbox Live is a device created by Microsoft to set back man's evolution; making him angry, competitive, and hormonal. This substance, or "drug" causes mood swings depending on the win/lose ratio of the individual playing. Xbox Live is also very addictive. No matter how angry the individual becomes, they will always come crawling back.

Xbox Live is also becoming the new "E-Harmony" or "".
1. "Another suicide sir."
"What is it this time?"
"Poor bastard ODed on Xbox Live and shot up his apartment and himself"

2. "Xbox Live offers 9 dimensions of compatability!"
by Crackischeap June 30, 2010
Online gaming and communication service available to gamers on the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles. With the exception of maybe 4chan, it is also one of the best places to meet immature and racist people. 90% of Xbox Live users are 11 years old, despite the fact that 90% of them are playing M rated games, making one wonder the reason for a content rating system at all. Also available is a rating service to rate other players through "reputation", the main purpose of which is to give those players better than you negative rep for being "Unsporting" (i.e., they just kicked your ass)
Direct quotes from users in multiplayer game lobbies on Xbox Live:

"Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger (repeating)"

"Penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis (repeating)"

"Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you (repeating)"

Person 1: "You guys all suck I'm gonna fuck you guys up you have no idea how bad I'm gonna fuck you up I fucked your mother lolololol"

Person 2: *Kills Person 1 with minimal effort*

Person 1:"OMG you're cheating!!!!" *quits match early, gives person 2 negative rep*

by Angry Deuce January 2, 2009
A place where Americans and Brits argue each other for a monthly fee

(not me btw i have american and british friends)
Xbox Live conversation on COD

American - OMG u nooby british faggot!

Brit - STFU twat!

American - Submitting bad player review!

Brit - Filing complaint!
by baddham May 31, 2009
An Internet service offered by Microsoft for their Xbox video game system, for the sake of being able to play their Xbox games online. Comes with a microphone so that you can speak to the other people you are playing with.
Sadly, most Xbox owners are not used to being able to talk to their opponents like PC gamers are. Hence the majority of the conversation that goes on often consists of "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!! SHOOT THE FUCKING GUY!!!"
by Seer-of-Shadows May 19, 2004
A gathering of communication between noobs and immature prepubescent twelve year old kids. Xbox live has many great features that a PC doesn't, such as:
1. You have to pay a lot of money to play online
2. You can't hack or modify the game without being banned
3. Unlike PC's, Xbox 360 gaming will eventually become obsolete
4. The audio of spoiled elementary school children playing games that are rated M and cursing in a squeaky and humorous tone (ex: You fucking Noob! Hax!)

A famous game played on Xbox Live would be the Call of Duty Series. This game is meant to be for a mature audience, but it is generally played by children after they learn to walk. When CoD became popular, most kids stopped playing Cowboys and Indians outside and eventually converted into Communists vs Nazis. This game is also used to recruit idiotic teenagers (specifically jocks and stoners) that think they are tough to join the marines. These people turn into arrogant morons that think they are weapons experts and hardcore in which you pray for whatever god you believe in to smite them. Not all Xbox Live players are bad, but the few that are can ruin the experience.
A "civilized" conversation on Xbox Live:

Stoner: Dude, I am pwning in Xbox Live you fuckin bitches, fuck you!

Prepubescant Child: You fucking noob, you can't do that you pussy Hax!

Spoiled Fatass Teenager: Shut up you faggot!
by Jag140 July 8, 2011
A good, fun alternative to life. Also known as the place to beat the shit out of the smack-talking 9 year olds in Gears of War or Halo 2.
Guy 1: "Dude. Get on Xbox Live. Some 9 year old is talking shit on Gears."
Guy 2: "Fine. But hold on. Some kid is being a noob in Halo 2."
by EchoedSilence September 6, 2007
Internet Service for Xbox and another fucking reason to give Bill Gates more money. Yet, very fun to kick the shit out of 10 year olds on Mechassault who think they are the best.
by James Lowe February 3, 2005