When something (often a joke) is taken to the extreme.

Friend 1: "Yeah, I bouta hit up the club!"
Friend 2: "Make sure you have a cute outfit."
Friend 1: "Oh, I will, with my matching shirt and shoes."
Friend 2: "That should be cute."
Friend 1: "And my matching socks and weave."
Friend 2: "Ok, run out." OR "You can out."
by Akailah February 13, 2009
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in Swedish the word slut means run out in English which causes some very confusing yet often hilarious insult moments for your lulz.
"And you my good sir are a run out" "stop acting like such a run out"
by nekochan January 13, 2015
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When you finish sumthing
I have ran out of games (which will neva happen to me)
by Ali Bakir May 20, 2005
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Commonly seen in Rainbow Six Seige, "running out" is when a Defending op runs out of the building at the start of the round to get a cheap kill. This way of playing is very toxic and looked down in the community. basically any op can run out but mostly seen by: Jäger, Bandit, Vigil or just anyone with an Acog. Plz stahp running out...
Ash: Wow, fucking Vigil ran out on me. Reported for running out
Thermite: What? How did he one-tap me like that, ranked is fucking rigged and bullshit.
Vigil: lol ez get gud fgt.
by Toxicr6player July 11, 2018
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Running low on energy/ drive
whatever is pushing you to do things.....
getting tired, worn down..
"I havent slept in days, I'm running out of turbo"
by Alieen January 24, 2008
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