To own someone to such an extent that neither an O or a 0 can express it. Started off as a typo by moron skript kiddies.
i'm going to pwn j00.
you got pwnz0rd!
by benjaminfox July 12, 2004
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Like 0wning, but better.
Wow #v76 is really pwning today!
by pwner February 9, 2003
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in halo 2 owning would be throwing a granade into a room and killing someone.

pwning would be driving the whole damn scorpian tank in for the kill. (coag level)
by Mike Simoniello October 12, 2006
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pwning=owning. just replace the o with a p. its that simple.
i SO pwned you in Halo 2 last night.
by melissa k. June 29, 2005
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Pwning is owning with a p.
Dude 1: i am so pwnin j00.
Me: Wow. I'm so like scared.
by DoomBringer316 February 11, 2004
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pwning is the complete and utter ownage of a noob or player in halo 3, or any halo game in the triology. the act of pwing consists of 1 shot kills,head shots,or incredible sticks or grenade chucks
yo i am just pwning these nubs in halo, i stuck one from across the board.

DOUBLE KILL!!! i am just pwning these kids, w000t
by trevor ballinger February 2, 2008
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