Derogitary term, roughly equivalent to idiot. More insulting than berk, but less insulting that gimp.
Thought to originate in the Victorian Era meaning a lower-class foreigner
You twonks, why didn't you use the laser cannon on the Esperanto?
by Ythomit September 26, 2005
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Me and the boys got absolutely twonked after snorting grandma’s ashes.
by Dr. Mantis Toboggan PHD February 25, 2020
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A Twonk is essentially just a Twink (a scrony prepubescent looking gay man) but lacking the slenderness most commonly associated with twinks, essentially a twonk is just a fat or “husky” twink

You could also think of a twonk as a mix between a twink and a bear
“josh is such a twink
“ no fuckin way he’s too big, he definitely isn’t a bear because he’s not manly enough. I think he’s more of a twonk
by Drdublin December 7, 2017
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A cross between a twat, plonker and wanker. Not used as a serious insult, more of a friendly, playful insult.
"... and then I fell flat on my face!"
"haha you twonk"
by Naomi Glinn March 21, 2008
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Twonk means to accidentally shrink your toaster waffles by microwaving them
Why are these waffles so small?
I twonked them.
by Djrnejfjsjxbfrj April 6, 2019
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general idiot, someone who has done something stupid, who has cocked up.
what a mess you twonk
by ginge May 24, 2005
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