dope, idiot, moron, wally, pillock, dunderhead, dimwit
by Jackson Pillock January 13, 2003
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the term plonker started out as a reference to someone who was forever drunk on cheap wine (cheap wine is nicknamed plonk) this person was usualy a homeless person, or poor person.

today the term plonker is a very light hearted insult. Its not even seen as an insult, its like calling someone a wally. Its in no way ment maliciously. you call someone a plonker when they say or do something stupid.
bob - why didnt my food cook ?
john - you never turned on the oven, you plonker.
by Emperor Bubba February 1, 2005
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Look at that fucking plonker!
I stuck my big fat plonker up her arse!
by KL June 27, 2003
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a poo that is so heavy that makes a massive splash with the toilet water that hits your arse and makes you feel wet.
aw man i just took a massive plonker!
by 56413257658374211453 August 27, 2007
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Almost any penis, but not a very small one.
A foolish person.
A big wet kiss.
Almost anything that is remarkably big.

Almost certainly most derive from plonker as size, but this in turn possibly from "to plonk", to place with little or no accuracy possibly because it was big and heavy. See also plonka.
"Put your plonker away, Eric."
"Oh Bob, you're such a plonker."
"When I said she looked nice, she gave me a plonker straight on the lips."
"It was the biggest turkey we'd ever had. A real plonker."
"She plonked the meal down in front of me. 'Get stuck in,' she cried."
by R. Clayton Jr November 30, 2005
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A polite, in mixed company, and alternative word for stupid cunt and wanker.
John is a plonker.
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003
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