a term used for ex boyfriends who treated their girlfriends like shit. the girlfriend uses twonk as a way of reffering to him and expessing her rage for his dick'ead behaviour.
Megan:i hate my ex, hes such a twonk.
mel: tell me about it. atleast he wasnt as big a twonk as jack. ha
by megan r September 16, 2007
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Also known as a 'fanny-wank'. Originating around the words twat, woman, and wank. An effective insult if necessary.
'Oi wheres Kelly gone?'
'Shes just avin a quick twonk inth bathroom, she'll be out in five'
by Mac Playboy June 26, 2006
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β€˜OI! ISSY YOU TWONKER’ said jamie aggressively
by oo la la November 18, 2019
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An overly sized twat. Similar to Fat Amy's vag in Pitch Perfect 2.
Dwam! Fat Amy has a huge TWONK!!
by Disneyglitch June 02, 2015
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the insult that can say alot but without swearing at the same time
by _lofi_ May 19, 2021
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