Abbreviation for a friendly fight and defined as a practice (and sometimes playful) fight between two friends. This method is mainly used to garner fighting experience so that one is prepared for future altercations.

It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of individuals lack fighting experience. This further explains why individuals can get overly involved in a verbal fight yet when the fight is starting to turn physical (by getting checked) chicken out.

Protip: It is best to learn some of the basics of boxing as boxing is super effective in real-life situations.
Bro1: Yo bro I've been working on my boxing moves and I am kinda curious how this will translate in IRL situations, wanna do a friendly?
Bro2: As long as you make sure you do not go all out or aim for my face I'm down bro.
by pinkflipflop November 8, 2020
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A guy/female that is a little too flirty with every female/guy they meet
“You a little too friendly with that nigga
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A Robbie Williams fan.The name was given to fans by Robbie Williams in the summer of 2011.
They are characterised by their friendly nature, acceptance of others and gentleness. Likely to be seen giving cheeky winks and hugs. Their natural habitat is
Person 1 “Are you a Robbie Williams fan?”
Person 2 “No I’m a friendlie (((hugs)))”
by robsessed January 2, 2012
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"We can't use an air-strike because there are too many friendlies in the area!"
by briles24 April 22, 2006
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A restaurant with its headquarters in Wilbraham MA. Its the place to go after football games and when there is absolutly nothing to do.
Jon:What are we going to do tonight? There is nothing going on.

Bob: Well we're going to end up at Friendlys anyway, so we might as well go now.
by sdkguhrg March 6, 2006
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