A homosexual person who looks good but is being full of himself/herself - a jerk to other people
by bykc June 15, 2016
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when you look at someone with your eyes but the look is just shouting GAYYY GAYYYY
megan gave me a gay look
by Idislikefreddo October 8, 2021
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What is said of a guy that looks like a real sleaze bag.that is absolutly that king of sleaze bags. A guy whose looks make you thing of a bunch of sleaze bag queers fucking each other in the butt ect.
by Deep blue 2012 December 1, 2009
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An odd hairstyle that has hair in a round, upside down bowl on your head, which works best with 2-4 inch hair.
Look at this dude's hair!
I know, right? He's got The Gay Look!
by Quicksand Boy January 20, 2018
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