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1.used to describe something which has been changed or modified from its original version while remaining essentially the same in nature. 2.something altered without being made into something new.
randomnewb: çool story bro

veteran: why is your c twonked newb?
by sporeo March 15, 2010
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1. When you cheat on your girlfriend but the girl you cheated with is not as pretty as your girlfriend, twonked

2. Fucked up beyond your abilities
“I’m twonked

Phil: “I dreamt I was twonked and made some questionable desicions”
Bill: “That wasn’t a dream bruh”
by Krocadil July 03, 2018
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to be under the influence of two or more illicit substances at the same time whilst simulntaneously suffering from sleep deprivation.
oh man... it's 5 a.m. and after those brownies and that hit of sunshine i am so TWONKED!
by scaredyants September 29, 2003
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