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An idiot. Similar in tone to 'prat', 'prick', 'twat' or similar. Originally from the rhyming slang 'Berkeley Hunt', for 'cunt', although not generally considered as offensive as that.
What did you do that for, you stupid berk?
by Axel Fendersson January 26, 2006
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He is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life, such an understanding, thoughtful, kind and funny boy. He is the only reason that I don’t deny anything I did, cuz all of them brought me here, and created the chance for me to meet him. He is a little shy, but still he talks to you in a warm way that makes you want to be his best friend for a life time. So Berk is a friend, who deserves smiling in every second and who I will support and love no matter what happens.
by Esphela August 02, 2019
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Blue plastacine charactor from the 80s cartoon Trapdoor. Overworked servant to the thing upstairs!
Damn Globits! I loves a bit of bonkin'! BERRRRRRRRRK! FEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEEEE!
by Pete the Boss August 19, 2004
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One who is unaccustomed to life in the outer planes; a person who lives on the prime material plane; an insult used by planers to insult the clueless; in short, an idiot
In Sigil, the berks are killed quickly.
by Haer Dalis June 15, 2003
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To be so godlike that all people have no choice other than to bow to you. All people look up to this person and it is considered a compliment to be like berk. It is one of the highest praises to be called berk.
Damn this dood acting like berk with these wet three pointers.
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by Burke is a god September 19, 2017
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