a handsome, self-confident, hot, smart person who is self-centered, but very caring
why do you remind me of a berk?
by Nike Seyopar February 1, 2016
Blue plastacine charactor from the 80s cartoon Trapdoor. Overworked servant to the thing upstairs!
Damn Globits! I loves a bit of bonkin'! BERRRRRRRRRK! FEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEEEE!
by Pete the Boss August 19, 2004
One who is unaccustomed to life in the outer planes; a person who lives on the prime material plane; an insult used by planers to insult the clueless; in short, an idiot
In Sigil, the berks are killed quickly.
by Haer Dalis June 16, 2003
Otherwise known as a pinch of coon shit;
A hugh jass stoner;
Gets lots of bitches
by The Big D (The Dick) October 17, 2019
some dude on chao livechat, pretty chill but makes me jealous because of all the emotes he has
Person: Oh, hi Berk!
Berk: :omegalul:
by DeLaKek October 4, 2018
A burp and bork at the same time
Sickie burp bork burp berk.
by kirsto higgalouise October 22, 2011