In terms of the male sex organ, it is when the penis tears the vagina on a regular basis due to its considerable girth and length.

In terms of the female sex organ, it is when the vaginal walls are stretched to the extent that the majority of penises which find themselves within them feel little to no sensation, thus reducing sexual pleasure significantly.
Jeremy's penis was too big - all four of his ex-girlfriends needed stitches in their vaginal regions.

Susie's vagina was too big, her boyfriend lost his erection when it became clear his penis did not even touch the sides of her vaginal regions.
by Jiggityjiggityjoo February 12, 2014
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Excuse given by those supporting the wealthy establishment for why millions in taxpayer dollars should be given to large corporations to prevent them from defaulting.
Fake News made sure to drive the point home every few minutes that $10 billion needed to be given to Goldman Sachs because it is too big to fail (that is, so that their investors wouldn't take such a hard hit).
by rich rick July 19, 2011
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The massive Trump 2020 presidential election loss that must be demonstrated in order to preclude any meaningful chance of legal challenge.
Every eligible citizen MUST get out and vote. This one's gotta be too big to rig and too real to steal.
by YAWA October 12, 2020
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Change the often used, abused phrase, "Too big to fail" around a bit to mean when an entity, company, person or corporation becomes so huge and so powerful, nothing can bring them down.
"Monsanto is too big to fell."
"As often maligned as his news empire is these days, Ruppert Murdoch is still too big to fell."
by RadioFlyer March 15, 2012
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1. Obviously Photoshoped image.
2. Something that is completely and undeniably fake.
That picture of the dwarf being shot out of the hippo's left nostril is totally rocks are too big.
by Sickbrain April 19, 2006
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An Institution that is too big of a risk to save. The institution is often viral and perpetuates big failures to their benefit and to their constituents detriment. Their philosophy is basically: Heads I win, Tails you loose.
The failing Institution has a neg trend, that will continue since policy changes don't achieve recovery goals even when successful. For those affected there is extreme vulnerability and risk of saving it, and little to gain.
If success occurs it benefits those that caused the failure. Those most negatively impacted continue to pay the costs, and suffer.
The group saving the institution may have little control over the outcome and benefit stream, but is responsible for all the costs and liability. However, the group saving may have an agenda and be able to transfer the cost to others. And may do so at a very high price.
The group doing the saving may be walking the fine line of being an empowerer or enabler.
Sometimes as an enabler in collusion with the institution to keep the those people affected by the institution in a constant struggle for survival.
Saving the institution creates moral hazard. Failing institutions point to the negative "domino effect", where their failure will create catastrophic failure. Others argue the "domino effect" is the solution since it destroys institutions that perpetuate disasters, and end subsidized failure.
Wall Street is is "Too big to be saved".
Why would Wall Street want to be saved anyway. By most accounts it planned the failure. And bet against it's success. It would be against their free market principles to save Big Failure. And they could grab the assets up for a few cents on the $.
Italy is not "Too big to be saved". However, the Italian gov is too big a failure to save. Italy is a beautiful country and will be easy to save when the gov that perpetuated the disater is removed.
Measures to save the institition may cause more suffering than letting it fail. Saving the institution may not save the positive attributes of the institution, which may not have any to begin with, especially when those most responsible for the failure have the most to gain, and profit.
by mlhiss November 8, 2011
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A game males play with their mates while out on the piss. The idea of the game is to score the most undesirable woman.
Wanna play "no pig too big?"

Sure thing, I'm gonna win.
by geezerdk January 2, 2012
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