When 2 erect dudes sling out their dicks and bang them together like a sword fight. Whoever releases jizz first wins (jizz must be about 5 mL to qualify)
Dude me and Fred had a swordfight last night! I won!

That’s Uncle Dale, me and him had a swordfight the other day
by turtlepenis 64 May 24, 2019
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1. the act of two (or more) persons rubbing their penises against one another


2. two men urinating at the same time and place, with an implication that they are participating in 1.
1. The gay porn video featured a lot of fellatio, tons of anal sex, and a few swordfights.

2. I'd like to finish this game of pool when John and Jeff get back from their swordfight.
by Chad Baker May 13, 2004
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Fighting with swords, you horn dogs!
The two warriors were engaged in a vicious swordfight.
by Lord Quasar October 16, 2020
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when two guys use their dicks as swords...
I was really drunk one time and I went to the bathroom where this gay guy in my frat was just finishing showering. He asked me if I wanted to have a swordfight. It was cool. I won.
by kingfish September 29, 2003
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n. Any event or locale where males significantly outnumber females. See penis party, sausage party, sausagefest, Georgia Tech.
Anything involving physics, computers, or engineering; strip clubs, whackass clubs.
by keyshaw January 1, 2005
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Verb; Sexual activity between two gay men. The term "squashbuckling" is sometimes submitted.
I was going to take a shower after practice but two fags were Swordfighting in the shower.
by ccnutmnkey December 9, 2004
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Two guys having sex simultaneously with the same woman-- one in her ass and one in her snapper.
Dude: I am very surprised that Brandeis girl let us swordfight inside her.
Guy: I am not.
by Joe Bone April 6, 2005
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