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a completely fucking utterly useless thing where when you and a friend snap each other every 24 hours or else the time would run out and the streak would end, most people like to draw an “s” and send it to everybody on their friends list (not very many friends considering they send snap streaks)
Mom: “David, why does Avery keep sending me an ‘s’?”

Dad: “Awh, shit. Our son is trying to start a snap streak?! I’ll grab the shotgun and blow this motherfucker’s head off”

Mom:”A snap streak, that sounds incredibly worthless! Yeah, go ahead and yolk that fuckface!”

Dad: “Did you just say... ‘yolk’..? *aims shotgun at her head* I’m sorry honey.”

Mom: “P-please! It was just an expression!

*kid walks in wearing sleeveless sweater*

Dad: *aims gun at kid and pulls the trigger blasting the shit out of his head* “OH NO THE FUCK YOU DONT!”

snap streaks are dumb
by turtlepenis 64 November 20, 2018
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When 2 erect dudes sling out their dicks and bang them together like a sword fight. Whoever releases jizz first wins (jizz must be about 5 mL to qualify)
Dude me and Fred had a swordfight last night! I won!

That’s Uncle Dale, me and him had a swordfight the other day
by turtlepenis 64 May 24, 2019
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