A polite way of say “I don’t give a rat’s ass about this”.
Friend1: Hey, lets go to a movie or a play tonight.
Friend2: yeah sure.
by DeeplyLovesCoffee September 26, 2013
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Leave me alone I'm watching TV and I'm not actually listening.

'Yeah, sure' is basically an out of office automatic response.
wife -"Can we visit my parents this Friday and then drop into my cousins for 2 or 3 hours on Sunday afternoon"

Husband - "Yeah, sure"
by Shellfishandpig June 8, 2018
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What you say when you are talking to someone who you don't care about.
Hey, you want a Lambo?
"yeah, sure is when you hate the guy ur talking too"
by LickMiHand February 27, 2020
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When you're getting clowned by an entire server
Me: This mans looks like a wheel of gorgonzola cheese
Them: Yeah Sure Buddy
by PlatonicNate October 15, 2019
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The perfect response for any sort of shit talking directed towards you. Opposite from the traditional dictionary definition which confirms something. When said back to the person, it means that, the statement is completely false, you don't agree, or you flat out don't give a shit about the statement. Can be used as a response in any situation, as long as it's sarcastic.
"Hey johnny i heard you like to touch little boys"
"Yeah for sure, bro"
by Gonzilla March 7, 2013
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what you say when you werent listening to or dont understand or dont know how to answer the question asked OR when the answer is complicated and you dont feel like explaining it or when you have no straight-foward answer.
1) Wife: "Honey, what do you want for dinner?"
Husband: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

2) 6th grader: "Dad, if 3 Xes equal 9 Zs, then how many Xs equal 1 Y?"
Dad: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

3) Girlfriend: "Aren't these shoes just perfect?"
Boyfriend: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

4) Obama supporter: "Did you vote for Obama? Why or why not?"
Mcain supporter: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

5) Gay person: "What is your position on gay marrige?"
Straight person with gay family: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ September 21, 2009
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A passive-aggressive response to an annoying person, usually a customer or co-worker.
Customer: I can't believe I have to pay extra for guac!
Employee: Yeah sure, sounds really good, okay.
by #Farmers_Tan February 2, 2017
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