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a hanzo player that is actualy good at the game he might say that hes not but he is
-this is such a bad hanzo main
*nah dude thats a handsoap main
by January 31, 2018
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Keevan is literally the definition of Handsome😉
Super hot. It makes all the girls go crazy
Dang did you see jeff? He is so Handsome😉 today
by May 21, 2021
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"Hands on ball" or in Farsi "Dast be Khaye" meaning "do nothing".
like you are sitting and doing nothing and just grabbing your balls.
this is like the defense line of freekick in soccer games that they are "do nothing," just "hands on ball"
Boss: why should I pay you when you do not work and always sit here Hands on ball.
by March 18, 2021
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Someone who spends their whole life on snapchat and typically resides in a group chat. Handucaps like to argue with people of all races and nationality. They typically have at least 3 boyfriends at any given time and have an IQ of about 76.
"oh look at abbi she is being a handucap again"
by October 02, 2020
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A stupid kinnie twitter user that only knows how to tweet about cute girls and be a Nadeko kinnie and is also kinda gay
Oh god is that HaneVibe from Twitter.com ?
by October 22, 2020
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The one and only wife of Hange zoe and has the best Mutuals and is super funny and hot‼️💯😩
by June 27, 2021
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Is very smexy. She stans hange and gabi.
She also has a crush on stanpieck. WOW!!
by March 27, 2021
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