one or more means having at least one, but has an option of more than one, yet it is not required
"Please make your paper one or more pages." and since the average teenager is tired, lazy, or more interested in sex, they will choose to only write one page, and still receive a B-!
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Originated in the endemic region of Danny's basement after Prom '08, this command gathers fellow bros to take just one more shot of hard liquor, preferably Bacardi 151 or 99 Apples. This command can be analagous to a shouting "huddle in!" or even to Cpt. Olimar's Down + B in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Once "One More!" has been shouted, each bro is required to take at least one shot (1.25 oz+) until the thirteenth shot has been drunk, at which point shooting to One More becomes optional.
AT: Come on man, lets take some shots
JS: Bro, any more and I'll be face down in the carpet like Absy
AT: Don't be a niggerfaggot
JS: Fine man, but only one moreee...
by Rita Malek October 21, 2008
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The false phrase used by band directors to run through a set when they actually mean more than once.
One more time, then water break!
by supernemo May 22, 2013
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Linkin Park's seventh studio album. It shows the band venturing into more conventional styles of pop music while retaining some of their rock roots.
A: Did you hear Linkin Park's album One More Light yet?
B: I did, and I love it! The title track is great!
by 30423 May 22, 2017
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When yo girls gives you the GAWK 3000. Meaning when you get yo dick sucked.
Jonathan: Dude you won’t believe what happened!

Tim: What, dude?

Jonathan: My girl gave me one more zero last night!

Tim: No way Dude!
by BootyDestroyer1528 April 18, 2022
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the final marijuana smoke of the night.
Jay: one more lap?
Ant: yeah, pack a fat one.
by Louie Lupo July 8, 2011
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A phrase used by band directors and musical instructors of most kinds. Typically, it is assumed that the phrase means you will only be trying the music "one more time", but generally the phrase becomes repeated, and one more time evolves into three or four.
Our band director shouted "One more time", but we knew that we would in fact do the entire show at least three more times before finally leaving practice.

*collective groan*
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