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One of, if not the, greatest song of the 1980s, possibly all time. Released by the band Toto in 1982.
It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you.
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could never do.
I bless the rains down in Africa;
Gonna take some time to do the things we never have.
by Big J-dog February 19, 2012
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a beautiful continent (YES IT'S A CONTINENT) underneath Europe.

A great place for safaris, too (THERE ARE NO TIGERS)

biomes range from deserts to the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro. Yes, there is snow in Africa.

There are many tribes in Africa and all of the people there are nice and don't run around in panties with spears in their hands. Honestly, the people there are happier than the majority of Americans.
-African is not a language. It is an adjective to describe something from Africa, i.e. African people and African elephants.
-There is really a small amount of famine in Africa. Only one i can think of right now is in Somalia.
-In Africa, we live in houses, go to normal schools, we have cars, our parents go to work to earn money.
-I live in Kenya, which is a country on the East Coast of Africa, and i have never seen anyone die, get killed, or get raped here. I live in a large house and the most exotic thing in my backyard is the monkey pulling out food from the veggie garden. There's a HUGE rainforest right next to my house and i've never been to the national park (A national park is a reserved area where you can see the native animals, kinda like Yellowstone). Every day after school i go home, check my facebook, and text my friends with my samsung phone using Airtel phone time.
-People who live in mud huts are the nomadic natives. NATIVES. How would you like it if everybody in Africa thought that every American lives in a teepee and runs around in loincloths and feathers in their hair hunting buffalos and riding bareback on pintos? Didn't think so.
Next time you judge Africa, Africa will judge you.
NOTE: 9gag and Media are NOT good sources to learn about Africa.
by AfricanTruth March 05, 2013
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A town with an airport that gets direct flights to and from Las Vegas. Defined as such by J-Lo

Previously, Africa city was not viewed as a party destination. However, in J-Lo's single 'On the Floor', we see it listed among the hottest clubbing destinations:
London to Ibiza,

Straight to LA, New York,

Vegas to Africa
by n.trance April 19, 2011
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The sexiest continent on Earth. The birthplace of everything. Art, music, dance...etc.

Its also a sadly misunderstood place. Any person who thinks Africa is a place where people are killed and raped everyday, are exposed to diseases like AIDS and Cancer as soon they step out of their door, and and live in mud huts, ride lions, and use blood as ink as their pathetic excuse of schools is a fucktard with no life or brain.

Niggas better stop acting like they know.
Africa is a place where usually, in cities, towns and villages, people live in these funny things called "houses". And we move around in these funky contraptions called "cars". And, kids go to places called "schools" where they "learn". And adults usually go to "work" and "earn money".
Get it now?
by thegirlthatkrumps April 23, 2011
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A place where constant genocide, slavery, raping, and primitive human behavior can be seen on a daily basis. In short a cluster fuck of a continent. Tribal battles, fighting over natural resources and overall lack of cooperation ensure this place will stay the way it is for centuries to come. Africa has a history of being taken advantage of by both corporations, foreigners, and even its own people. Somewhat like the Middle East. Africa is also a money pit for anyone trying to help out because the money gets stolen, poorly distributed, or embezzled by the very officials that are supposed to be helping their countries. The only good thing to come from Africa is my fiancΓ©s engagement ring.
5000 years from now....

Guy 1: Did you hear? Africa is preparing a rocket launch for its brand new space program.

Guy 2: Too bad the rest of humanity lives on Mars now, talk about behind the times.
by AfricaIsHell September 17, 2009
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