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n. One of the 5 boroughs that make up the city of Toronto. A vast wasteland of run-down homes, dilapidated factories, and strip clubs. Rightly known as ghettobicoke.
The Jane and Finch area's pretty run-down, but Etobicoke is a close second.
by keyshaw July 15, 2005
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(n) An attractive female, however lacking in
substance or intelligence (hence the term "candy").
She's heet, but she's just eye candy, dude.
by keyshaw May 4, 2004
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We've been had, we're screwed, we're in trouble. Also used if it is fragrantly evident somebody ripped ass or pinched a loaf.
'What the hell is that smell?'
'It looks like somebody set up us the bomb!'
by keyshaw April 25, 2005
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n. Any event or locale where males significantly outnumber females. See penis party, sausage party, sausagefest, Georgia Tech.
Anything involving physics, computers, or engineering; strip clubs, whackass clubs.
by keyshaw January 1, 2005
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(v) To talk trash, insulting or casting doubt on a person's ability.
Before the fight, the boxers were talking smack to each other.
by keyshaw June 24, 2004
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v. Thread crapping occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the spirit/intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument.
Coming into a thread titled "I love my new Apple Macintosh!", and posting "PCs are better and cheaper" is thread crapping.
by keyshaw March 23, 2010
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(adj) S.U.B.A.R. Stands for Stuck Up Beyond All Recognition.
Especially prevalent amongst brown bitches, such as Desi Princess Trash.
That Bitch is so SUBAR.
by keyshaw August 11, 2004
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