Another slang term that Anthony uses out of randomness. See also: man's ass
Guy: Ok. So as I was saying....
Anthony: Wait! Dude! Two guys?

Anthony: Dude....of all seriousness...two guys.
by Justin W. June 9, 2004
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Not a porn video, just 2 guys casually chilling in a hotub but obviously 5 feet apart and continuously say "dude I'm not gay, I'm so straight" to ensure everyone is made clear about their sexuality.
Ben: Dude sitting in this hot tub doesn't make us gay right?
Jim: we're just two guys in a hotub we just need to mention our sexuality every 5 seconds.
by MemeLord17 June 24, 2017
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Popular alcoholic shot known to be enjoyed by loose women made up of one part Jack, one part Jose and one part green apple schnapps.
Susie had more "Two Guys At Once" last night than should be legally allowed.
by TS Regpark February 18, 2010
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two guys and the trailer is a joke.
one time there were these two guys and they saw a long line of men lined up at a trailer and a sign on it said 25 cents.
one guy said whats that line for? the other said I don't know give me a quarter and I a find out. so he took the quarter and waited in line.
when he got to the trailed a woman took his quarter fucked him and kicked him out the other door.
the other guy said to him so what was it? the guy said I don't know but you got another quarter?
did you hear the one about the two guys and the trailer?
by Deep blue 2012 August 29, 2009
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a dude puts a screw driver in his dick while another man fucks him from behind and they both yell ohhh baby fuck yeah,then the one with the screwdriver in his penis hole drives it in farther get it drives like screwdriver anyway he floors that shit in their and he cums and his cum sprays in 2 directions
*guy 1:did you see that two guys 1 screwdriver last night
*guy 2:no you gay faggot
by assraper69 October 30, 2015
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