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The act of switching babies for fun.
Chris: hey Collin wanna go Swapping after school?
Collin: hell yeah! lets switch a black baby with a white one today!
Chris: sounds great!
by sawggalicious soul man November 16, 2011
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Swapping has become common place on various internet forum boards like makeupalley, where women will swap e-coli infested lipsticks and perfume that is watered down with urine. It's a dicey thing to do because you never know if the mascare you swapped for was swabbed with feces.
Dude I was swapping with indig0daisy and she sent me a decant of Giorgio filtered with dog urine and a hair in it.

Beware of swapping with bellydancer she sent me a lipstick covered with bukake.
by Sillage August 02, 2006
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