sexual position where woman is facing man in a catcher like position bouncing up and down
Rachel was riding me froggy style last night, it was nice.
by Gus January 22, 2004
when a girl is riding you reverse cowgirl but she's on her feet moving her ass up and down, and then she pees on you and you get genital herpes
"yeah bro she rode me froggy style last night and now i have to go to the doctor cuz my junk is itching."
by maeline April 3, 2021
when kkbas or another frog looking woman gets on all fours and starts hopping on your dick
Chad: Alex you look extremely tired
Alex: Yea we were doing froggy style last night
by frogchopper420 November 19, 2021
doggy style but the girl is laying flat on the bed instead of on her knees
my legs got tired from doggy style so the bitch layed down and i fucker her froggy style
by ragbag85 March 30, 2005
A sex position where a gentleman lays flat on his stomach and his lady humps his bum or back.
I busted early doggy style, so my gal did me froggy style.
by armis September 2, 2011
having intercourse with a impregnated woman, such that her belly resembles the belly of a frog.
"How was last night with Shantel?"
"fantastic, we did it froggy style."
by Tobias The Great November 30, 2007