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Frag Hags are a group of women obsessed with perfumes, and spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week posting about it on various internet fragrance forums such as makeupalley. They frequently brag about their obscenely huge collections, and swap decants that have been watered down with urine. Frag Hags pretend to be sophisticated Jane Austen-type heroines, however most are fat, middle aged, frumpy housewives with a PHD (Plain Highschool Diploma). They guard their perfume forums fiercely, and most newcomers are immediately pegged as trolls and kicked off the perfume boards with some 'troll spray'.
How can those Frag Hags spend 24/7 posting about Serge Lutens on mua?

The Frag Hags have clearly drunk too much perfume and their brains have become addled.
by Sillage July 28, 2006
Swapping has become common place on various internet forum boards like makeupalley, where women will swap e-coli infested lipsticks and perfume that is watered down with urine. It's a dicey thing to do because you never know if the mascare you swapped for was swabbed with feces.
Dude I was swapping with indig0daisy and she sent me a decant of Giorgio filtered with dog urine and a hair in it.

Beware of swapping with bellydancer she sent me a lipstick covered with bukake.
by Sillage August 2, 2006