She's the most open hearted and kind girl you'd ever meet. You'd fall in love with her instantly and when you try to Un fall in love with her, you'll always find yourself back loving her. She's very sensitive and emotional but her smile and laugh can brighten up the room. She may not be perfect but at the end if she has fallen in love with you, no matter what goes wrong. That love doesn't go anywhere even when she tries to hide it.
Catherine has such a big heart but sometimes gives it to the wrong people but she never stops. But once she let's go, she's not coming back.
Catherine can't ever be replaced.
by Pxtrc March 8, 2018
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The smartest, cutest, most unbelievable girl a guy could ever meet. One would be lucky to be in her presence. If she is reading this I hope this brings a smile to her face.
I am so lucky to have met Catherine
by benzboy186 May 17, 2013
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From the Greek meaning 'pure'. She is an emotional, beautiful, assertive person, who may be quiet sometimes. She is not easily influenced, and may not be able to make big decisions. She tries her best to follow a good way of life, even if that does not happen. She is a amazing individual. She may not catch everyone's attention, but she doesn't need it. She just needs her loving friends attention.
"That's a real, true Catherine there!"
by Tango2050 February 18, 2015
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An unbelievably beautiful girl with a heart of gold.She is extremely smart and will make you smile non - stop.A brilliant girl that may not be greeted by other girls but will always get the guy.Catherines are truly remarkable,and there looks will often get them the attention a Catherine deserves.
Random Girl:"woah who is she?"

Other random girl: "that's the chick my

boyfriend has a crush on,she is such a Catherine...imA kill that beautiful b****".
by Harley Quinn 03* August 17, 2017
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Catherine is a beautiful girl and should be treated right and has so many friends
I wish I could get as many friends as Catherine !
by Joe888_21 March 16, 2017
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A smart individual who can be sometimes shy, she adores sports and is mostly funny. Catherine is very pretty and can make you not wanna take your eyes off her, she loves her friends and will always stick up for them. A Catherine is just a role model all around.
Seamus: yo who's that girl that throws a football in a perfect spiral ?
Alberto: That's Catherine the hottest girl in the school.
by Thatshyone114 October 31, 2015
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n.)A beautiful girl who thinks she's worthless even though she is loved and needed

v.) to murder using pure adorable laughter
n.)That girl is so beautiful she's almost a catherine

v.)She catherined me and i died, but it was totally worth it.
by harleen January 8, 2014
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