Something expensive and precious people usually wear. It can be bought in jewellery shops (Eg: Pandora)
The robber ran away with that old lady's gold chain.
by Faith Megan Chua November 10, 2015
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Necklace made outta fake or real gold.All the wannabe cool kids wear it and rappers/celebrities(examples:
french montana,dj khaled,jay z,meek mill,etc). Reason for wearing it is to show your money and that you make it rain.
Whoa,look at that huge gold chain Jay Z is wearing.
by Thisnameseemsprettylong November 13, 2015
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Gold chaining is the term used to describe the activity of talking up one of the boys to a person of the opposite sex. Gold chaining put simply is "the act of talking up one of the boys therefore increasing his chances of impressing a person of the opposite sex" one can also gold chain himself, this is only effective when the object can subtly but surely make himself known as a 'boss dog'.
"Who is he and what does he do?"
"Oh that's just Stevie, he's just a mate. He taught Tiger Woods how to play golf, it was all him"
That's perfect Gold Chaining!!
by Iwik Naibaf November 2, 2011
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The Modern day representation of African America oppression. Black People of the past were oppressed by literal chains, and now are oppressed by their gold chains. The Gold chain represents the robbery, drug dealing, and violence committed every day by black people to black people. The old chains weren't a choice for black people in the past, but now are en-grained in culture and perpetuated by poverty.
Mr Muthafuckin eXquire

He draws parallels to the way African-Americans were once tied in shackles as slaves, and the way some of his homies are currently locked up in jail. eXquire wonders what’s the fuss about as he asks, “You think we had enough of fucking Gold chains
by Crackajack213 February 24, 2019
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A neck brace, in reference to someone seeking an injury settlement.
There sure are a lot of guys wearing Jewish gold chains around Brooklyn today. Must be some money coming in.
by Rimjob-steve August 16, 2019
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The cliche Italians, who wear gold crosses or just gold chains, and slick back their hair and wear wife beaters.
Tony, your such a gold chain Italian quick slicking back your hair.
by Italianstallion47288: February 14, 2018
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