Collin is an absolutely amazing friend and good person in general. He is a great listener, and is always there to help you through a difficult time and offer you advice. Although he often doubts himself and his abilities, and doesn’t realize how special he is, he is very compassionate and caring, and will always be there for you when you need it. Has a great sense of humor, and is great at planning fun things to do. If you have a Collin in your life, you’re lucky
Person 1: Man, I was having great a really rough night yesterday, but I talked to Collin and he really helped cheer me up
Person 2: of course he did, Collin always knows how to make you feel better!
by Gibblit the narwhal March 31, 2019
A very sexy person. He's the greatest guy you'll meet. He's pretty much defined as a chick magnet he has big penis
Hot girl1: I want that Collin!
Hot girl2: No way! I already asked him out and he said yes
by bray bray July 30, 2015
If you find a Collin, he’s a keeper. When you stare in his eyes, you’ll get lost. You should ask him for a map though because that’ll be handy. He’s genuine and very kind. Can be shy, but other than that he’s just an amazing person from in and out. He’s just everything you would dream in a guy <3
“Dang. Collins hair is to die for. It looks so silky and smooth. I can’t wait until I run my fingers through it..”
by December 21, 2020
An absolutely flawless individual that possesses nearly super-human intelligence, almost ridiculous good looks, an incredibly knack for athletic events, and unrivaled talent in everything they do. Also, someone that everyone else wishes they could be like.
Hot girl #1: "Whoa, look at that Collin! I'm going to go try to get with him!"
Hot girl #2: "No way, I saw him first!"
by baltimoron March 11, 2008
such an amazing guy. one that loves music and wants to be a musician. also can be athletic and always good lookibg no matter what. collin is a shy guy at first but once he gets warmed up he can show the wild side that he has
girl 1: wow that guy is so cute! he seems kinda shy...lets go talk to him.
girl 2: thats collin! hes so wild when he preforms on stage i love it!
by jellybeaner1994 May 29, 2010
He is a sweet guy and doesn't share his feelings much, he cares for others but can get angry some times, you can trust him most of the time and he'll listen to what you say and he's not good with words when he's dating somebody
Girl 1:Collin is so nice and he listens to what I have to say,I'm gonna ask him out

Girl 2:Yeah he does listen but I'm gonna ask him out first
by WildTiger0647 April 7, 2020