When a male goes hard on a females ass she can't walk
Man I pounded her so hard last night
by Lolagonzalaez December 5, 2016
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Verb: When her significant other inserts his erect CIRCUMCISED penis into her vagina so hard, she is unable to walk. Successfully pleasing her out of her mind, so successfully she blacks out.
Did her fratdaddy pound her out last night?!

Let me have your art work, so then I can pound her out!!!

You got so pounded last night!

He pounded her out so hard last night, We all heard it through the walls!
by Fratdaddy's Slampiece February 2, 2012
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When you pounded the bitch down until she says "I can't take it anymore" ... You make the bitch submit to the super d... You bossed up on that pussy..... Aka "p@co" super d.. Boss uuuppp
Damn Paco pounded her down last night... He's hands down the best Dick I have ever had and will
by #*PACOPUSSYPOUNDN*# December 30, 2017
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while pounding your girl doggy style pull out mid thrust and begin to fuck her ass while jerome bettis spikes a football on her back and smacks his dick off her face.
last night justin was giving his gf the pittsburgh pound-her while jerome bettis was wearing his super bowl ring! she was not happy.
by The Vulcan October 4, 2007
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giving a girl a seriously hard and thorough fucking. The kind that leaves her exhausted and sore.
I am going to pound her cookies into the dirt
by xenoflux May 26, 2006
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To copulate vigorously, so as to cause a slapping sound similar to the sound heard when tenderizing a veal cutlet on a board.
Garage Dweller1: Did you notice that Honey was walking funny yesterday?

Garage Dweller2: That's because her boyfriend pounded her like a piece of schnitzel.
by Garage Dweller1 October 1, 2009
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