The end of the work week, most commonly Friday (immediately after work) until Sunday night. Sunday night is the end of the weekend because you have to attempt to fall asleep feeling very depressed, due to another work week ahead.

As the highly anticipated weekend approaches, work efficiency declines. By Friday afternoon, the only work you are doing is planning on which drugs, alcohol, or other activities you will be doing immediately after work.
Most weekends are usually spent completely high on sex, drugs, and alcohol, in order to forget about your personal problems and the past 5 days of hell at work. By the time you come down off your drugs, or finish your activities, the weekend is over and you are left feeling depressed and alone on a Sunday night.
TZ: Man, I haven’t done a thing all day. All I can think about is this upcoming weekend!
Random Lame Coworker: Dude, its 9:15 Monday morning.. You’ve got a long way to go!
by TZ January 22, 2005
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The cause of the creation of 75% of this population.
It's the weekend, and I'm writing definitions on Urban Dictionary because I have nothing better to do.
by Iamawesomedog March 31, 2018
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The time in which one can enjoy theirself, and maybe have a drink or two.
I'm going to get soooo wasted on the weekend !
by dustin is from austin November 21, 2005
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Period from Thursday afternoon to Monday night during which excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs are consumed in attempt to forget the previous four days.
Random co-worker: What are you doing this weekend?

Billy: Nothing, just relaxing.
(thinking): I'm going to get drunk off of Bacardi and Vodka, then smoke a joint and hook up with my girlfriend's best friend. I'll come in on Monday drunk and high, make bee line for my cube, then just stare into space for several hours while listening to Jethro Tull. After that I'll contemplate quitting for a while, then play solitare till its time to leave.
by Modisch February 8, 2008
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A time of the week where you hookup with a person named D’Angelo. Repeats every WEEKEND.
o shit dude it’s the weekend, time to hookup with D’Angelo.
by only.true.answers November 3, 2019
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The flying time that students grasp for, but can barely hold on to when they get it, resulting in the next week.
Most of the time, the kids on the weekend will waste their time playing video games, watching videos, or more rarely, studying. By the time Sunday nights come, most students are depressed and are worrying about how their homework is not done, procrastinating instead of actually doing it.
Every Kid: "Cool! I just got a new (Insert object name here)! I should probably do my homework though... What are we going to do this week? Will the teacher get mad when she sees my unfinished homework?"
Random other kid that broke in apparently: "Dude, it's 11:18 pm. You still haven't done any homework this weekend. You've been wasting your time playing (insert game title here). Stop procrastinating."
by MisterJubJub January 25, 2016
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Surviving off of the breaks and reliefs of the weekends; like paycheck to paycheck
Guy: Dude, I'm so tired!

Dude: Me too, I'm practically living weekend to weekend!
by KninjanessM April 25, 2010
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