Cockney rhyming sland for Scotch whisky
I'll have a gold watch and fisherman's daughter, mind the Vincent
by Ivor Thirst February 9, 2005
euphemism for the imaginary round scorch mark burned on your pants after a particularly hot fart
"I believe, sir, that you may be wearing a gold watch in your pants"


'That's a proper gold watch, you gent!'
by baboonzarse January 2, 2007
Become a made man in a Italian mafia family, without being said directly. Referenced in the Sopranos when Philly Parisi becomes made in the family.
Sal was given a gold watch after his brotha was whacked
by Gevvvah November 23, 2020
Origin London England: Bronchial discharge coughed up by a smoker usually on awakening.
He had been smoking 30 a day for over 20 years and as usually shortly after waking he coughed up a big shiny gold watch.
by Blue Cawdrey November 19, 2004