Giorgio is an absolute jet. He is a jet cause he is kind, nice, positive and always looking pretty hot. Giorgio is one where no-other is as good as he is. He is one of a kind. Everyone should have a Giorgio in your life or you are basic.
Giorgio and I are such good mates, what a jet
by giorgio4 June 20, 2018
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A little gorgeous fucking being who will love the shit out of you if you’re nice to him. He loves memes and all that cute shit n yea
Someone: “sooo Giorgio’s your boyfriend now.....?”

Other person: yesssss he’s such a lovely person, he loves me with all his heart lmaooo

Someone: nice loll
by A nice looking female June 5, 2018
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The American musician and love machine Giorgio.
Giorgio feels good, smells good, looks good and makes love good.
by Giorgioooooo November 26, 2008
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He’s a guy who will always be by your side and very sexy and handsome it’s almost impossible to not fall for this sexy beast?! Your very lucky to have him in your life and if you do have a giorgio never let him go! He’s the most loyal person out there. He can be sometimes a freaky seductive person and that’s what hot about him
Me: hey I’m dating a guy name Giorgio he is so fucking hot!
Bff:Ooo I totally ship y’all! Don’t have too much fun with him
by Unknownkitten April 10, 2020
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Will love the heck out of you. They are lovely and kind, and also kinda hot. If you are nice to them, they will develop a crush for you. They will also haunt you with cries if you reject him meanly or if you insult him. Do not take too long to answer the question "do you like me back?" or he will just move on. He can humiliate you very well (with comeback and roasts) so beware...
KID: Where did you put your ego?
GIORGIO: Where did you put your brain?
by BABYYODA.HAHAHAHA November 20, 2020
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A funny,mature,caring, person. Someone who u always need by your side. Helps you get with a person. Always there when you need him,and will always comfort you. He is the best at convincing people to do or not do things. A Giorgio can seem weird at first when you meet him but as soon as you have a conversation with him he’ll become your best friend right away. He is also very trustworthy.
Friend 1 : I thought he was weird but trust me once u have a real conversation you’ll like his personality.
Friend 2 : really? I need a person just like him!

Friend 1 : A Giorgio is what u need
by mjyatra March 25, 2019
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