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A ShnookieWookumsKatLagassekinz is a rare breed of woman, one who is gorgeous beyond belief and has the Arctic Blue eyes of an angel. ShnookieWookumsKatLagassekinzes have beautiful, cascading black hair and a flawless face, making them the most beautiful breed of woman one can find. There is currently only one known ShnookieWookumsKatLagassekinz to walk this Earth which makes her a prize that every man someday hopes to get.

Not only do ShnookieWookumsKatLagassekinzes have amazing looks, but they have the best personalities you can find in any breed of woman. With their sarcastic sense of humor filled with sexual innuendos and their compassionate nature, a ShnookieWookumsKatLagassekinz is envied by every woman.
Tyler: "Damn, that ShnookieWookumsKatLagassekinz is so beautiful!"
Joe: "I know, right? Now that's a woman!"
Kat: "I'm standing right here. You do know I can hear everything you're saying, right?"
*Tyler and Joe stare at the ShnookieWookumsKatLagassekinz, admiring her beauty*
by T-Dog Mahoney September 21, 2010
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