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Anything that impedes or otherwise interferes with a process going forward.
"Militarily, that inquest was a booger in the nose of progress."


"As far as human rights are concerned, this political infighting is a booger in the nose of progress."
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe October 18, 2006

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plural of 'nuculus': what nucular weapons are made from--nuculi of radioactive atoms (in the Bush Pentagon, anyways)
"All's we gotta dew t' wipe out world terrorism is go an' mash up some nuculi over Eye-raq an' Eye-ran." (Dumya)
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe July 24, 2008

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anything that impedes positive social or organizational evolution; a hindrance to social progress
the constant infighting over America's alleged role as world policeman is a booger in the nose of progress

getting bogged down in logistics and semantic quibbles instead of seeking true consensus is a booger in the nose of progress; can't we just lay our differences aside and find common ground in our shared interests?

we all live on one fragile planet: this quibbling about economics while our world dies is a booger in the nose of progress!
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe March 28, 2008

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v.i. to wait around; to loiter; esp. to wait to do something until someone else has completed a prerequisite task (from the "beach ball" icon displayed when Microsoft Windows applications are loading: one cannot perform any task until the relevant data have been processed).
Girl: "Have you ordered yet?"
Boy: "No, we're still beachballing 'til the waiter gets here."

Thing One: Did you get my text?
Thing Two: No, my phone's still beachballing.
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe March 29, 2009

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affected by a multitude of laws; so legally saturated that social movement becomes nearly impossible
California is quickly becoming the most populous state in the USA, and the most lawbound.
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe September 11, 2008

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one who scampers, usually while in possession of some trinket s/he has light-fingered from a store display, usually out of the store.
Store Detective: "Judging by your cheesy outfit, I had you pegged as a scamperer from the moment you walked in!"

Scamperer (clutching a solid-sterling-silver letter trivet): "Are youse kiddin', Boss? I wuz gonna buy dis!"
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe July 23, 2008

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literally, a person who bites his/her fart bubbles in the bathtub; figuratively, one who engages in meaningless pursuits; one who seeks questionable gratification thereby; one who can't get enough of his/her own products (e.g., writings, videos, comments, opinions, recordings, etc.) and/or laughs at his/her own jokes.
Sheez, Dan, you're such a gzorp! Your joke fell flat because it was lame--did you even notice that no one else was laughing? Of course not! You were laughing too hard yourself!
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe July 21, 2008

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