1. To want desperately
2. To want for (in the British sense)
1. "I need a burrito/blow job/good kick to the head."
2. "I need you to untie me if you want a hand job."
by a needy individual March 22, 2005
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Something that is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of an individual or others. Most over-used word by drama queens and spolied brats.
Mummy I'm starving I need a McDonalds!!!!!

You don't need a Mcdonalds as any food will stop you diying from hunger.

The council need to grit the roads with salt in the winter otherwise cars would skid on ice and cause accidents.

I need the toilet I have to pee.

You don't need a toilet there's a bush over there.
by Goth Doll July 25, 2016
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1. A word denoting that a person or object is found to be wanting.

2. An exclamation used when something is found to be hilariously inadequate or unsatisfactory.

3. Abbreviation of Special Needs, i.e. Mentally or Physically retarded.
1. Dude 1 "I'm not coming out tonight, I'm watching Lost."

Dude 2 "Rah boy, you've got needs."

2. "Look! I got new trousers"

"Urgh, needs."

3. "Where's your brother today?"

"He's in the special unit cos he has special needs."
by DomGee July 23, 2008
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Pittsburghese for "needs to be," "needs to go," "needs to have," "needs to use," etc.
The bridge needs fixed.

The dog needs outside.

I need a pop.

Yunz don't need all them gumbans do yunz?
by emsee November 15, 2006
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