1. To want desperately
2. To want for (in the British sense)
1. "I need a burrito/blow job/good kick to the head."
2. "I need you to untie me if you want a hand job."
by a needy individual March 22, 2005
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A want disguised as a need
I "need" those cookies over there.
by Shelby Longbottom August 17, 2017
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An informal question sometimes used to covertly offer the sale of illicit drugs, usually Cannabis.
by lil yee August 05, 2018
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An indian term usually used in place of the word "necessary"
Hi, with regards to that help you promised me, kindly do the needful.
by Matt August 18, 2004
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A group of Indian Technology professionals attempting to make sub-English requests to on-shore technical teams. Derived from the Indian request to "please do the needful", or "kindly do the needful", where "the needful" refers to "the necessary".
The "needfuls" just raped us today on code defects.
by aceandgary November 19, 2009
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udescription of any event, smell, taste, sight, feeling etc that is totally unnecessary.
Fat men in thongs - NO NEED!
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