Going home from the bar alone, without picking up a girl, hence 'dick in hand.'
"I got shot down ten times last night, so I went to bed DIH again."
by Robertino October 16, 2005
Acronym for "dick in hand", used to refer to something that's sexually arousing.
Dez: I've slathered myself in chocolate and I'm waiting for you in the bed.
Larry: DIH.
by Established October 3, 2005
Acronym for "Dick In Hand", meaning undesirably idle because you lack something needed to complete a task.
You'd better these computers fixed by the time my shift is back from lunch or else I'm going to have 600 workers standing here DIH.
by KenTheDefiner August 26, 2015
Die in Hell

Expression used to wish death to someone
Stfu n00b, dih.

Yes im a nerd, but i will dih.
by HaWk [iTa] February 29, 2008
A slang word that means goodbye.. it started i think in new york city.. often used online on AIM to reply when someone says bye
Person 1: i'll c ya
Person 2: k, dih
*person 1 signs off*
by Kelly Nora June 28, 2003
Ok, talk to you later, dih
by Josh July 3, 2003