When someone says or does some shit thatโ€™s so dumb that youโ€™re at a loss for words and all you can say it โ€œanythingโ€
Connor: I identify as a attack helicopter
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by FlakerWithASkinnyP October 24, 2017
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A special privilage given to one person by another, normally in exchange for information or as an apology. Allows the holder of the proverbial 'anything' to be granted anything they like, without limitations.
Person 1: Please tell me what she said - I'll trade you an anything.
Person 2: An anything, hey? I want you to take me out to dinner, then.

Person A: I'm so sorry that I forgot to pick you up. I'll make it up to you - I'll do anything.
Person B: Sounds like a fair deal to me.
by Yanxa June 19, 2010
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an adjective describing a person, object or thing as outlandish, remarkable or beyond-belief.
Person 1: "He played a fantastic game yestyerday!"
Person 2: "Yep, he is anything"

"The party I went to last night was A N Y T H I N G"

Person 1: "I heard what you did last night..."
Person 2: "Yehhhh.. I am anything."
by #imanything May 09, 2013
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You looked up anything because it is already typed in the box so you just push search and-
I'm gonna ignore the anything thing
by AnythingTyper November 07, 2011
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Including the option of many things or passing on the decision to chose one specific thing and waiting for anyone or anything to decide or happen.
"I'm up for anything. Anal, oral, doggy style, etc."
"Anything you want, anal, oral, doggy style, etc."
"Anything's fine. Anal, oral, doggy style."
"Anything you want. Chicken, fish, me under the table jerking you off while you order for me and explain how I will be coming soon, etc."
by Mr. F November 28, 2004
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