"takin' orders is sunnin, an ounce of coke is an onion" R.I.P. BIG-L
by rasta-gangsta March 4, 2003
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geez alex, takes you a while to express yourself you onion
by wildpussytumblr April 20, 2016
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a very nice ass on a hot chick
origin : ass is so fine it makes me want to cry (as an onion does)
damn! did you see the onion on that bitch?
by greg2112 June 26, 2002
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an ounce. (see zone)
i need bout an onion of dat purp.
by yay-town Cracklanta July 19, 2005
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an ounce of any drug
yo kid i'm on the block slanging onions of weed
by zany azne September 17, 2007
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an extreme expert in quiet, and a chance to get devoured by the great, the big, and the only Shrek.
Woods: We need to do this quietly, Mason
Mason: I am the expert in quiet
Woods: I'm a goddamn onion Mason
Shrek: WELL HELLO THERE!1!11!!!!!!111!
by dank memist December 13, 2020
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