When something is absolutely positively right and your sure of it.
This definition is incorrect.
by bobbt.cum March 14, 2003
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not in accordance with fact; wrong.

not in accordance with particular standards or rules.
the answer to this question is incorrect
by BOI BOI and BOI February 6, 2020
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An error so obvious that it could only be made by a person who’s head is up their anal aperature, canal, orifice or bung hole.
I cannot agree with you because you are obviously incorrectal...
by Ofashea September 6, 2018
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The act of correcting something that isn't wrong with something that is.
My favorite member of the Beatles is Paul McCartney.

Actually, bud, Paul McCartney was in the Rolling Stones.

No, he was in the Beatles, thanks for incorrecting me you idiot.
by Spykeratchet November 18, 2011
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An attempt at correcting something already correct and making it incorrect
Jim: you spelled the word "Gigantic" wrong it should be "Jigantic"
Joe: no, you just made an incorrection
by John Doe 56 June 7, 2006
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When you try to correct yourself but then find out your initial answer was correct.
X: "I put A as the answer and then thought I was wrong and replaced it with D. When she handed back the test, I found out the right answer was actually A. I incorrected myself.
Y: "damn that sucks"
by Kichrootra October 24, 2014
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When someone tries to correct someone else, but in fact the correction is wrong.
George: I like this champagne.

Pete: Correction, it's actually just sparkling wine. It's only called champagne if it comes from the Champagne region of France.

George,: Actually that's an incorrection, because this sparkling wine IS from the Champagne region of France. So go fuck yourself Pete.
by Gonzo Writer April 18, 2017
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