One whos diet consists of air, light, and prana, with a possible sip of water now and then.
The breatharian has air, light, and prana for food.
by leena gabor November 8, 2005
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some dumb cunt who thinks they can, instead of eating food, survive by eating/breathing oxygen and absorbing sunlight like a fucking plant.
stoner: im a breatharian!
normal human: wtf how are you alive
by smart cunt with common sense August 20, 2019
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Food that is served at yogi cafes for skinny new age white chicks who consider Lululemon an essential gateway on the road to, like, total enlightenment and stuff. Typically consists of a half a teaspoon of fruit smoothie balanced out with 2 seeds, 3 grains and a single flake of coconut, served with a shot of some overhyped and even more overpriced superfood that’s being over harvested to destroy an entire ecosystem.
Akasha: Hey wanna meet for brunch?
Shakti: OMG totally, I’m dying for some breatharian food. How about Alchemy?
Akasha: YASS! Bring yo jade egg, sistarrr!!
by simbabaji November 29, 2020
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