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When Some one gets blanked or ignored by somebody.
He gets air

That girl gave him pure air rudeboy
by Critikal November 25, 2004
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what you give to someone who has annoyed you. giving air is the same as 'blanking' someone
bob: "safe g"
bill: "___"
everyone else: dont have that, he's giving u air!!
by The Daz June 21, 2005
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abreviation of 'length in the ~' air is used by extreme sports enthusiasts (boarders, skaters, bmxers, traceurs) to refer to the time spent in the air between a jump's takeoff and landing; or the distance or height od such a jump.
'that was massive air'
'checkout his air, that was like ten seconds or something'
by Flamsmark January 09, 2005
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Commonly used in coastal Georgia to describe marijuana that has no effects because of it's poor quality.
"Hey man, how was that dime you bought from Tony?"
"Fuckin' air, dude."
"It was like smoking nothing."
by QueDOGG May 21, 2010
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