the process of moving your feet up and down while moving forward, in order to get to a specific destination.
by the meat man November 1, 2002
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A fly with its wings removed. It can only walk, hence the name.
I like to play with my pet walk
by Eggowok August 22, 2007
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To Crip walk. The footwork originated by the Crips gang. While appearing to be a dance, it is not.
Xzibit: "Get your walk on!"
by Law The Stryker May 8, 2006
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Literally means to walk across the stage during your high school graduation ceremony to receive your diploma. However, people use the word to mean finishing high school.
Senioritis is really getting to me - I got D's in classes that I used to get A's in. I don't care anymore though, as long as I'm able to walk. That's all that matters.
by chris March 16, 2005
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Paintball term meaning to use to fingers, most commonly index and middle, in a walking motion to fire a marker.
by 24x24 December 10, 2006
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A code word used to describe the act of masturbation. which is when either a male or a female reinacts the movements of intercourse. customarilly used with a hand or the digits whether female or male.
how often do you walk
by tia May 7, 2005
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to search through numbered files in an internet directory progressively by adding up or regressively by subtracting down from a starting point.
Every so often I'll walk through the nearly endless collection of vintage postcards archived at

I think it's up to 50000.jpg by now
by She Snailie _@_v September 28, 2004
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