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the process of moving your feet up and down while moving forward, in order to get to a specific destination.
by the meat man November 01, 2002
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Term often used instead of going for a blunt or a bowl. Most used when one wants to get high.
by 69docking December 08, 2010
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RE-SPECT. Walk. Are you talkin' to me!?
by Delthryn February 28, 2005
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The verb someone uses when they want to get away from others... So they ask you to accompany them in order to get some privacy....
by joseantara June 12, 2006
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The most accurate of units. A walk is 2.5 miles.
Mason: It's 6 walks to Denver.
Person: Mason, what's a walk?
Mason: It's the most accurate unit of distance!
by Mattholemeu January 10, 2014
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To Crip walk. The footwork originated by the Crips gang. While appearing to be a dance, it is not.
Xzibit: "Get your walk on!"
by Law The Stryker May 07, 2006
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