When you are having sex with a wet chick and she squirts, you soak up the girl-jizz with a ShamWow and then ring it out on her face.
Dude 1: I hate it when chicks squirt all over me!
Dude 2: You should try the ShamWow
by Sham_Man November 22, 2009
When you pay for a psychotic prostitute who tries to bite your tongue off.
Link to reference: http://gawker.com/5187540/shamwow-guy-beats-up-cannibal-hooker

Johnny: I gave Sally a pearl necklace.
Sally: I proceeded to ShamWOW Johnny! That will show him.
by importsnc March 30, 2009
The act of ejaculating on a woman's and/or mans face and smearing it around with your testicles in a circular fashion. Wet or dry.
Holy shit my grandma the nun totally told my sister how my grandpa the muthafuckin pope gave her THE ShamWOW :)
by McFinklebottom November 2, 2010
When you get the shit beaten out of you by a client after biting off part of his tounge before intercorse.
almost exactly like that one time Vince the shamwow guy beat the shit out of a hooker for biting his tounge off...
by Mike Hawk Izitchie February 26, 2011
an all-purpose sex toy

it is an orange cloth that:
can cut yur dick in half
can soak up cum
can wash your cock
was made by nazis
holds 20 times it's weight in cum
satisfied shamwow customer: if your gonna wash your cock, you would be out of you mind not to own one of these

another satisfied shamwow customer: OOOOOOOHHH MY GOD

yet another satisified shamwow customer: all I can say is LOLOLOLOLOL
by a big bunghole May 21, 2009
A very aggressive and intense greeting, meaning hello or goodbye. It is usually accompanied with a leaping heel click and a hand gesture of your choice.
Lindsay: Hey guys!
Cassie: Shamwow!
Nicole: Shamwoww!!!!
Keely: SHAMWOOOOOW!!!!! (Picture Elaine's dance off of Seinfeld)
by GEM! June 20, 2008
a shitty peice of cloth thats suppose to pick up alot of liquids..
bob: hey phil ever heard of shamWOW?
phil: yeah its a peice of shit!
bob: oh really? how?
phil: just is....
by XxChickaxX April 8, 2009