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an informal competition where two (or more) people oppose each other and dance until one is declared the winner, usually by mutual consent. the dancing usually takes place in sequence where one person/team will dance then the opposite team will dance after there "slot"
similar to a rap battle but without the rap replaced by dance
man that dance off on the yard the other day was brutal you owned joe with your moon walk *high five*
by higgi September 08, 2007
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The best way to put shame upon another human being. If someone undermines, contradicts, insults, etc. etc. you challenge them to a dance off, which shows which is then either followed by about a minute or so dance turns between the two, or the pansy-face declines and has to live in a shadow of shame for the rest of their life. A dance off goes for about six rounds, but sometimes it is a draw at the end so it goes on much, much longer, usually it is judged by any person standing by, rarely judged by actual 'Dance-off Judgers'.
RegularJoe: Hah, I love socks!
LiberalPansy: Socks are for Hillbillies!
RegularJoe: (Slaps Liberal Pansy with glove and steps a step back) Dance-Off!
LiberalPansy: ...uh...oh...alright?
by GlassesMelt July 22, 2005
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as noted in the movie "you got served" people will dance off to settle differences. instead of pulling out you nine and bustin a cap you could easily dance off...the winner gets rights over the loosers property. this property includes but is not limited to bitches, hoes, dog's and or children. it is not uncommon to be bitch slapped (see bitch slap) after the dance off.
MAN 1"hey guys wanna play dance dance revolution at the mall..."
MAN 2" mutha fucka i'll bust a cap in yo ass"
MAN 1"how about we settle this with a dance off"
*bitch slap*
MAN 2"no shit face"
*gun fire*
by SWEET LOU May 31, 2005
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