management, containment, and possible/probable processing of male ejaculate. visualization of the ejaculate as a form of gooey glue. assigning ejaculate a (possible or potential) working task.
i'm going to 'let go' in this sock, so it can soak up my mucilage!

john thought, 'i need something (someone) to soak up my mucilage!'

i'm poor, and a slave now!; having let someone soak up and process my mucilage!
by michael foolsley March 23, 2011
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A phrase: An act of doing either cocaine or some kind of speed to readjust the brain outside of the out of control nature alcohol inherently gives a person.
I gotta do a bump of something to soak up the sloppiness because I might get into trouble.
by user420247 March 5, 2022
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