When a woman is so hot and alluring that you are certain to need to mop up any after effects and remove any DNA evidence from your underwear or bedsheets.
"You know Karen, from Anchorage? In my book she's incredibly ShamWow-worthy, don't you think?"
by VinceTheShamWowGuy July 18, 2009
When you see a sex position so freaking amazing and unknown, you call it the Reverse Shamwow until you either find out its real name, or until it is named something else.
Evan: "While me and Hannah were having sex last night, we did the Reverse Shamwow! I don't even know how to describe it, it was that exotic."

Ian: "Lucky!"
by WISH KVFU January 11, 2011
When someone soaks up spilled beer with a napkin and proceeds to ring it out into their mouth, similar to a shamwow. It is often performed by two parties - one is the ringer and the other is the drinker.

Note: this is a variation of the popular solution to spilled beer: "zamboni"
Ross spilled his beer so I soaked it up w/ a napkin and gave him a shamwow shot. Everyone was disgusted and impressed at the same time.
by Siegs June 9, 2009
A recently founded Cult based in California but rapidly gainaing ground elsewhere, the mission of the Cult is to spread the Word of Vince and enlighten the world to the Shamwow, the only shammy that works wet or dry
Vince Offer: You know the Germans allways make good stuff

The Cult of ShamWow members: Sham-Heil!
by Prophet of Vince June 4, 2009
Whenever a man jacks off and splooshes, and then he's afraid that his pants will be all wet, but for some odd reason his boxers obsorbed all the liquid and it wasnt as wet as he thought it would be. Mostly relieving.
Oh shit, I'm gonna have to change pants.... o wait.... I shamwowed!!! Thank GOD!!!!!! =D
by knowitall101 June 7, 2009
The video that started it all! A video translation of the shamwow product in guyanese terms
Darshawn: Eh bai, come heh and see this

Rohan: Shamwow (guyanese version)? tha ting funny bai
by mikejan June 14, 2011
One of the most funniest youtube video to the Guyanese audience created by jaymantube
Coolie Bai number 1: Yuh eva seen this video bai? Shamwow (guyanese version)?

Coolie Bai number 2: Um, yeah who hasn't

Coolie Bai number 3: Look it's shamwow!
Yah roll am like roti!
by trev022 June 14, 2011