1. Of or relating to psychosis or psychoses, particularly behaviour associated with them. Psychotic behaviour occurs when a person is suffering psychoses, which may be the result of a chronic illness (classically schizophrenia) or very transient in which case it is usually caused by intoxicants. In any case, "psychotic" by definition means "of or relating to psychoses" therefore only behaviour that is due to a psychosis is truly "psychotic" by extension. A psychosis represents loss of contact with reality; it may or may not include delusional, paranoid or disorganised behaviour.

2. Informal and erroneous, though by far the most common lay usage. Refers to extreme behaviour that appears exaggerated, dangerously violent, or motivated by extreme rage. Is usually frightening to observers.
1. The young man entered a psychotic state and responded only to the same "Sigma," an entity he believed had gained remote control of his cortex during a recent abduction.

2. "Just saw the most intense road rage ever. This psychotic guy got out of his car with a club and started smashing the other dude's windows in"
by MrKapper Is Back November 21, 2012
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an individual suffering from psychosis and showing a delusional state, often having extreme mood swings and delusions and states of grandeur. This can be induced by amphetamine, stimulant use, cocaine use, LSD, drug withdrawls, and is often the state where one zones out and becomes separated from the real world and loses his perception of reality and lives in a delusion
yo dis bitch psychotic i think hes gonno go all out psycho on me one of these days hes scarin the hell outta me
by deandrew November 9, 2006
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Medical term that tries to make a state of mind into a disease. Describes a person experiencing hallucinations, or so-called "delusions" that may seem misguided to someone who doesn't have time or respect for the deeper meanings of those beliefs.

Contrary to popular belief, very few people diagnosed with psychoses are violent.
You can't get a job in that state but we don't give out free money in this society. We'll destroy you with these drugs and then we'll support you after that. To give you this help we have to label you "psychotic".
by Pseudopsyentist December 4, 2007
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In general common usage, the term connotates crazy. However, actually psychotic people sometimes hallucinate badly, can have delusional ideas, sometimes say things that wouldn't make sense to them if they were in their senses, and sometimes just aren't there in a catatonic sense. Some can't filter out irrelevant stuff from their surroundings, but not all. An old term for a catatonic Schizophrenia symptom has been passed to its' genetic opposite for quite awhile now, Autism. Ironically, though 'psychotic' implies crazy, I find Antisocial personality disorder to have more to do with 'crazy' then psychotic ever did.
I am so glad I have several good reasons that I'm developmental as opposed to psychotic!
by Crazed Book Lover December 19, 2009
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A Maria Caicedo
It is used when to call a person crazy for example you are acting like psychotic
by Yenrose November 13, 2018
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“.. do you really done & wanna break up after i was disrespectful & came at every one of your insecuritiespsychotic
by savagea**b*tch April 24, 2020
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