An acronym for the common phrase 'Hit The Turtle, Please". This phrase is used to politely ask others to hit animals belonging to the order Testudines.
Example 1
Person 1: "Hey, that Snapping Turtle is going to chew your toes off!"
Person 2: "HTTP!"
Example 2
Person 1: "Oh no! That Blastoise is super effective against my Onix!
Person 2: "Http."
Example 3
Person 1: "Oh, Mario! That koopa is coming right for you!
Person 2: "Luigi, http!
by food food food May 18, 2013
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1. The abbreviation for Hmong Thai Thayi People.
2. The starting of a website name.
1. Yo, that guy looks http.
by JimmyJohn October 13, 2006
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An information describing that a person named "htt" is peeing.
by dotnet May 10, 2003
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