Verb, meaning to hit or strike someone. It's like roshambo, but with more feeling.
"You STFU! Don't make me come over there and shamwow your ass!"
by kittumkatzum June 12, 2009
A term ad writers use to describe a particularly poorly written client scribed advertisement.
The Furniture Villain really shamwowed that piece.
by Peggo My Raggo February 25, 2009
To repeatedly punch an allegedly cannibal hooker in the face.
Also known as the Vince Shlomi Beatdown.
"I went and gave that crazy prostitute a Shamwow beatdown for biting my tongue when I was trying to kiss her"

"I used to be a paid spokesperson for Shamwow but now I work at Taco Hut for giving that Bitch a Shamwow Beatdown back in '09"
by ShamwowBeatdownBitch! April 24, 2009
A religous cult Created in 2008 By Black Steve. Its religous Teachings consist of worshiping Vince Offer, shamwow spokeman, an greeting people with the phrase "Sham-Heil" and saluting by making a fist over your heart and then a Counter-clockwise scrubbing motion in the air(Bily Mays Cultist Use a Thumbs up Salute similar to this one). They are based in Chula Vista California. All members hate Bily Mays.
Billy Mays: "The Cult of Shamwow" is to Strong for us.

by Billy Mayson March 10, 2009
He is the most famous person on TV that has has no real name.Huge has a HUGE eyeball that is said to mezmerize people into buying his products.The ShamWOW Guy is the only pitchman that actually spoke Spanish in the Spanish Version of ShamWOW(Although He sucked at it,you gotta give him some props).The ShamWOW guy is most well known for advertising those "magic" shamWOW towels.
He has also been spotted advertisng the Slap Chop, a device that chops up ANYTHING. According to the ShamWOW guy, Slap Chop will make your Boring life interesting!

Recently the ShmWOW guy has been arrested for beating up a hooker because she bit his tounge while making out. He punched her several times in the face until she let go. He then called the police which ultimately led to his arrest.
When police arrived,they found ShamWOW towels all over the floor.It appeared that the good'ol ShamWOW guy tried to make life easier for the maids.What a guy!

If you look up pictures if his hooker,you will see what a badass the ShamWOW guy really is!

Some people believe the ShamWOW guy is responsable for the recent sudden death of Billy Mays.It all makes sense, now that Billy's out of the way,the world of late night infomercials is his for the taking.
-ShamWOW guy

He's not only a Pitchman,he's a Pimp!
by Infomercial Master July 14, 2009