I used to be on Ritalin, but I got knocked out when taking those.
by Doctor Nutts March 10, 2005
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ADD medicine containing Methylphenidate which is a type of speed. if youre lacking energy and cant think of anything better to do than eat you gotta snort some of this. it will make you get up and do any kind of activity or chore and actually make it an enjoyable experience. for a begginer snorting about 60 mg will do the job. i find it way better than adderall personally it gets me shaky, non fatigued, not hngry and energy and euphoria. you might experince a headache or tummy ache after and you might get grumpy. the good feeling will last like one or two hours after that you just kinda get anxiety and feel the need to be doing something
mom: go clean your room!
daughter: ugh im too tired
mom: i dont care!
daughter: (thought bubble) im going to snort some ritalin..)
1 hour later.......
mom: wow i cant believe you cleaned the whole house
daughter: me either!
by ritalin fiend May 16, 2009
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A controlled substance prescribed to kids dealing with ADD/ADHD and some people in Adulthood. Some may call it "synthetic speed".
I was up on a 72 hour ritalin binge, I ran out and kept seeing pieces of ritalin on the ground even though it was drywall.
by FDC88 February 24, 2015
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The "sit-down-and-shut-up" drug, often used in place of discipline.
I gave my child Ritalin so he would sit down and shut up instead of acting like a kid.
by Penguin Chick August 13, 2008
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A drug meant for people with ADHD/ADD, in order to help them control their hyperactivity and help their attention span. It can also be used as a drug for recreational purposes, but is generally advised not to be because it is dangerous if not used properly.
Doctor to Mother: We will need to put Adam on Ritalin to control his ADD.

Ben: Hey bro, got any Ritalin?
Bill: Why, you got ADHD?
Ben: Nah I need some new drugs to try.
Bill: You better not dude, that shit can mess you up.
by HannahFancyPants November 25, 2016
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A marginally effective drug that has a bad rep because commonly used by parents who should have worn a condom because their parenting skills are marginal at best, and as a result they drug their kids to keep them in control instead of just keeping them in line.
Dipshit Parent: I put my kid on Ritalin because I'm such a fuckwit that I would be up shit creek if I had to rely on my parenting skills.
by D-Shiznit July 1, 2005
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Ritalin makes kids act like lab rats - more compliant, more willing, and able to obey adult commands. Ritalin inhibits exploration, spontanaeity, and overall interest in the environment. It also induces repetitive, meaningless behaviours such as rhythmic head movements, pacing and chewing, picking or rubbing the body.

Over time ritalin will cause drug-induced brain malfunction.

Ritalin is most commonly used for making children obsessed with meaningless robotic activities.
Rodney: There ain't no way in hell you're putting my son on Ritalin -- but I'll take some. How much for five dollars? Let me get a small bag.
by Batdang April 3, 2011
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