One of the most amazing people you will have the pleasure of meeting. Elaine’s are typically nice, and sweet and very caring towards others while still being a badass who can stand up for herself should the situation call for it. Normally light skinned, fair complexion. Her beauty is mesmerizing. She’s cute and lovable but also sexy at the same one. You should consider yourself lucky if you end up dating an Elaine.
Man 1: hey man, I heard you’re dating Elaine now.
Man 2: yep, I’m the luckiest guy ever!
Man 1: damn right you are.
by Judgmental teen June 23, 2018
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Elaine is an independent women with a heart of gold. She we be there for you in your worst times, and in your best. She is strong and beautiful. She doesn't think she is beautiful all time time so you need to remind her sometimes. If you win over Elaine's heart you better not let her go because you will regret it because, she is an amazing person to have in your life!
Elaine is a beautiful woman!
by Anonymous.10 October 30, 2019
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Elaine is perfect. She likes to hang out with friends and play sports. She is intelligent, loyal and pretty. She has a great sense of humor and is semi popular.
Elaine is so perfect dude.
by Cheeseandcupcakes March 14, 2014
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A beautiful sweet lady. Kind and loving to all she meets but able to hold her own if needed. Morally inclined but not judgmental. Helps others at their lowest point and very giving in many ways. Able to deal with pain and suffering better than others.
Elaine has taken in every stray in the neighborhood.
by Bella4Pamela November 24, 2014
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Elaine is the best person you will ever meet and is the sister ever she is a great

Friend and a great listener and is always there for u
by Pussy licking 101 November 24, 2019
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Elaine is a name filled with mystery. Usually a dark haired person. She really is one to keep through-out life as she will reward you with loyalty and love. Elaine is known to speak her mind and hold strong oppinions.
Elaine can be stubborn, but i wouldn't have her any other way
by leony February 20, 2010
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The name usually strikes you as a type of foreign flower. Elain is a girl that you meet in the most randomest way,,, she will open up to you and disscuss her problems and you have to be understanding cuz thats the way she will be with you and the most amazing thing about her is that she doesnt judge,,,she instead gives you advice and ACTUALLY deadass cares about your situation,,,,you can say anything about this girl.....but you cant say that shes fake. She takes matters into her own hANDS, she is like your secondary mother. She might use the word "concern" alot but its one of those things that makes her unique and corny. NOT ONLY is she attractive and has a killer bod, but shes one of the most amazing people to get to know,,,,,so if you hear the name "Elain" somewhere,,,,,dont miss the opportunity of asking her how her day was. Oh and shes usually a Chinese chick.
"Oh did Tania rat on yo ass,,well know who wont,,,,Elain..Das right bitches she straight wich cho ass".
by Galactic Dick Holster December 30, 2017
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