A place that is only known about by the people that either
A)live there
B)live near there
Otherwise, no one knows about it. Trust me, I know by experience.

The Cow is the hottest place in Reisterstown. If you are visiting and dont know where anything is, ask for it in relations to The Cow and you'll find everything. It is basically the center of life in Reisterstown. Everyone goes there to hang out. That could also be because there is nothing else to do.

When you talk about Franklin, you usually mean the High School or Middle School. Almost everyone you know goes there. If everyone you know dont go there, you know at least one or two people who do.

Everyone in the Reisterstown/Glyndon area go to The Pool. By The Pool, I mean Glyndon Pool. Everyone goes there over the summer. It's a good place to see old friends and people you dont want to see. You can start a bf/gf relationship there within the first weeks of summer and then watch it fall apart by the end. Near the end of May, all the 8th graders from SHS(Sacred Heart School for you non-Reisterstowners) will be relaxing there until the rest of the school gets out. If you see people jumping into the pool with all their clothes on, its those SHS people.

Santoni's really means something. In the summer, people walk there from The Pool. They go even tho its one million degrees just to get snapple or a muffin. One tradition many have is the classic Mentos and Diet Coke. Everyone who goes to Santoni's in the summer spends all their money on Mentos and Diet Coke.

When people talk about The High School, they clearly mean Owings Mills High. Thats where the drug addicts and gangs go. It's not as big of a deal as Franklin but its close. There is a neighborhood across the street but no one who lives there goes to The High School.
Reistertowner: Heyy!
Person from Perry Hall: Heyy! Where do you live?
Person from Glyndon: She lives in Reisterstown of course!
Person from Perry Hall: Where is that?
Reisterstowner: No one knows where that is!!
Person from Glyndon: I only know cuz i'm only 3 miles away!

Reisterstowner 1:Heyy do you wanna go to The Cow?
Reisterstowner 2:Sure. The Cow is amazing!
Reisterstowner 1:Maybe there will be someone we know there
Reisterstowner 2:Haha are you kidding? We will deff. run into someone we know!

Visiter:Where is the China Dragon?
Reisterstowner: *gives far off direction*
Visiter: *looks confused* where is it in relations to The Cow?
Reisterstowner:Why didnt you say so? its to the right of The Cow

Person 1:Where does your friend go to school?
Person 1:How about your boyfriend?
Person 1:Your friend's girlfriend?
Person 1:do you know anyone who doesnt go there?
Reisterstowner:No one except you

Reisterstowner:OMG! I saw my friend who i havent seen in years at the pool today!
-Next day-
Reisterstowner:OMG! I hate him! i cant believe he was there at the pool today! he is the last person i wanted to see!!
-week later-
Reisterstowner:I met this guy last week at the pool! he finally asked me out today!
-month later-
Reisterstowner:He broke up with me at the pool today! it's ok, i'm going out with his best friend...who i met at the pool!

Reisterstowner 1:Do you see those crazy people jumping into the pool with all their clothes on?
Reisterstowner 2:Yeah, it's one of those SHS kids again

8th Grader from SHS: ughh! the pool WAS fun before the rest of the school got off!

Reisterstowner 1:Heyy, do you wanna walk to Santoni's?
Reisterstowner 2:Yeah sure. do you have money for Mentos and Diet Coke?
Reisterstowner 1:Yeah. are we gunna blow it up?
Reisterstowner 2:Hell yeah!

Reisterstowner:Heyy! i saw all these hott guys today!
Owings Mills Dweller:I saw them too! they go to The High School
Reisterstowner:Awesome! heyy, don't you live in that neighborhood across the street?
Owings Mills Dweller:Yeah
Reisterstowner:Then why don't you go to The High School?
Owings Mills Dweller:Haha no one in that neighborhood does!
by Sofie is Awesome March 18, 2007
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A place where there are only four things to do: drugs, sex, alcohol, and drugs.
-Hey what do you want to do tonight?
-I don't know. Theres nothing to do. You wanna goto the Cow?
-Nah, let's just go smoke.
by DKnipp July 12, 2005
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Where everyone is either from somewhere else or wants to be somewhere else.
My family has lived in Reisterstown for like a hundred years, but I'm still going to live in New York someday.
by Carlos May 8, 2005
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reisterstown is a small town with many different types of people. We have the stuck up glyndon kids,the rich(jewish) kids,the hicks,trashy kids,and the ghetto kids.

Mostly everyone that lives in Reisterstown goes to Franklin High. Everybody knows everybody and your personal life is everyone elses buisness.

The attractions of Reisterstown include Mitchell's Golf, AMC theature, Owingsmills Mall, The cow, and thats basically it. An iceskating rink is being built right now.

Besides the private schools our closest towns where more friends are located and go to school is at, Owingsmills and Pikesville.

In highschool the things to do on the weekend include late night taco bell, blaze, drink, and have sex. Our mall sucks and so does our movie theature. If you want to go to a decent mall, that would be towson, and for movies; hunt valley.

We have many gangs here. You can always find a party or a fight every weekend. Our parties always get busted by the cops and its not a surprise to hear that somebody that you know got into a drunk driving accident.

Everyone wants to get out and go somewhere new. We all have to go threw it together. College is basically the only way out of Reisterstown.

The best food that you dont find anywhere else is custard at the cow, sandwiches at santonis, and pizza and subs at village pizza.

We might all say we hate Reisterstown but we don't mean it. Some of us were born here and this is our home. This town isnt the greatest but its our home and thats where we are growing up, and living our life.

Welcome to Reisterstown!
girl-ugh im so bored there is nothing to do
girl2-well duh we're in reisterstown
by erinnn123 January 4, 2008
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As people mentioned above.
Reisterstown,the town of nowhere.
Sex,Drugs and parties.
95% of Franklin girls are sluts,they cant help it because it runs from generation to generation.
1% has too much respect for themselves but still fit into the crowd.
and other 4% wanna be sluts...but sadly no one wants them.
Everyone has either tried drugs or do drugs.
Is on top of the hood.
If you live here you wanna leave,and you know waht i mean.
but if you dont then u have all intentions to do so.
Yoo i fucked that girl
Where's she from?
by alya & nat February 18, 2008
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A town with a mixture of different kinds of people.
Reisterstown is aight.
by greg April 15, 2004
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The Town that I grew up in. I have a lot of things to say about it. Reisterstown is an old historic town which used to be out into the country but what know I would consider a northwestern suburban area to the modern city of Baltimore. It is a town with a diverse mixture of a wide variety of Racial and Ethnic backgrounds. The area has a slightly above average amount of crime. However, It depends on who you are. All that being said The majority of people living in Reisterstown are Lower to Upper Middle Class.The local High School in Reisterstown is Franklin High which is also one of the most diverse High Schools in Maryland. A small population in Reisterstown will attend Owings Mills High which is 7 Miles South of Franklin, Both schools have a fairly decent reputation. However, Franklin is far superior in Education and especially Sports. You can probably survive in either school. Both do have a lot of drugs as certain people had mentioned earlier. What school doesn't though. The best restaurants in The Town are Reters Crab House, Bill Batemans, Sonny Lee's, Blue Point Crab House and El Paraiso. The towns population has grown over the years and as of the 2010 census is 25,968. With all that being said, Reisterstown is a wonderful town to grow up in with a Diverse Population, Decent Schooling, and great mix of culture and food. So feel free to visit anytime and I will show you The Ropes.
New Yorker : Where Am I

Reisterstown Man : Hello your in Reisterstown
New Yorker : How far am I from Baltimore?
Reisterstown Man : 25 miles north

New Yorker : Thanks, Bye
by The Last OG June 4, 2018
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