someone who is amazing and needs to have higher self esteem because she is a gorgeous girl. lee lee is a nickname for someone named karly. Karly is a name that applies to a female that guys are obssesed with. Lee lee is a wild random person, that loves making awkward moments. others tend to hate this but continue to love her anyways cause she is that beautiful and kind.
boy 1: damn lee lee is the best girl ever
boy 2: i know right any guy is lucky to talk to her
boy 1:yea i know dude but i heard shell talk to anyone lets try it
boy 2:anything to talk to that sexy beast
by leeleelover December 15, 2010
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a nickname for those with names relating to the sound of LEEEEEEE

and what a sweet sound it is

can also be used to describe a clingy person.. like a leach..
Etc Etccc

That person is such a leelee. GAWWWD
by LeeLeeBBupaTREETREE July 12, 2008
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She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She’s a dark skinned queen. There is only one perfect Lee Lee in the world.
I’m so happy I met you Lee Lee.your perfect.
by Itsdraco_1 September 23, 2018
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A Lee-Lee is a human thing that when you give her/him sugar and caffeine type substances they become uberly hyper and begin to bounce off the walls. Pepsi is one of the main causes to trigger a Lee-Lee into a stage of hyperness.
Oh look there's a Lee-Lee thing
by ennael16 August 18, 2008
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Lee is a hard trying, never giving up, strong man who takes first care of others before he looks at himself.

Lee is also a sweet, funny, smart, attractive, adorable man who can be shy some times but when you got to know him longer he will blow you away. He loves to travel, go on new adventures, making new memories and making people happy. Lee has a big heart and needs someone to share it with.

Lee may not always like to talk about how he feels to very many but few people get the chance to see what's behind his closed doors.
He forgets how special he is and at times feels worthless. He's very protective of the ones she loves and cares for. He will make your day and will always have you smiling or laughing. He is also one that can change your emotions in seconds.

Lee has trouble processing his past and when it comes to problems he keeps them to himself, he prefers to keep them to himself and not have anyone worry about him.

Lee's are great kissers and have quite a dirty mind. And standing open to try new things.

Things he likes more are : Action, drank, food, romantic nights, late nights walks, sports, cooking, pizza, green,

singing under the shower, dancing, doing stupid things, going out, trying new stuff, cute dates and looking good.

Things he dislikes are : fake people, attention hoes, people who ruin your moods.

things a lee says :

Lee : " I'm not leaving your ass."

aslo him

Lee : "Your hurt, I'm hurt. You die, I die. "
by chasie July 06, 2020
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A man who has such a big penis work pants and skinny jeans don’t fit him.
When HR asked that Lee to explain why he had to wear sweats to work he was forced to say, “because of this damn thing.”
by KTXBarHoe March 19, 2019
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The absolute love of my life.

Someone who is my missing puzzle piece.

The only one for me.
"Nek minnit I met Lee and my future was him"
by yellowled24 February 26, 2018
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